7-28-2019Tyra, GayFB Livestream from radio station parking lotTyra and I try to ask Wayne Lewis some questions but he runs away
9-25-2020Tyra, GayParking lot near square, Gay’s husband, an engineer, writes affidavit for Tyra’s legal useTyra’s rental car hit by police grenade
1-12-2021GayFB LivestreamTell All Video
1-12-2021TammyFB PostShore Flap
1-24-2021Ike, GayPhone callExplained JCTA’s Motives to Ike
1-24-2021Tyra, Dre, Shameka, Ira, K.A., other board membersZoom call audioFemale co-chair called emergency board meeting after receiving email from JCTA
1-25-2021De’Nita, GayPhone callAnswered “rumors” from De’Nita
1-27-2021GayFB Livestream once source of leak was uncoveredWent live about the person causing the “shore flap.” #ItsACult
1-28-2021Tyra, GayText MessageI’ll throw you under the bus and roll over your ass too.
5-26-2023Tyra, GayCalled to disparage Kenyata and deflect from lack of integrity with JCTA Ballot