So, I just wanted to share some research I’ve been doing. There will be two proposed amendments on the Kentucky ballot this November. If you don’t want to remember anything else, just remember both Amendments are bad and to VOTE NO.

Here’s why:

Amendment 1 is unnecessary. In fact, it’s bait. It’s to lure voters to the polls so they can get them to vote for it and another Amendment which IS their HOLY GRAIL.

Amendment 1 is a fear-mongering attempt to drive people who hate imaginary bogiemen to the polls.

It’s sponsored by two republicans. One democrat has spoken out against it so far because not only is it unnecessary, it’s literally never happened.

Why would the GOP propose an unnecessary bogieman amendment? I just told you. So they could get people who believe the propaganda to show up ready to vote YES to it, even if they’re not all that interested in the second one.

The REAL reason they added Amendment ONE was to gin up their base so they could also pass their HOLY GRAIL amendment, Amendment TWO. That’s right. Amendment TWO is language that will permanently and irrevocably mutilate Kentucky’s carefully worded Constitution so that it takes access to quality public education away from all Kentucky children. Not because the people of Kentucky want it, but because the dark money funded think tanks and lobbying groups have lost this battle on every other front. Teachers, staff and parents SICKED OUT several years in a row to stop them from being able to pass the funding mechanism. Not because its what their constituents want, but because they like the lifestyle their dark money funded position affords them and a handful of predators and outsiders are picking up the tab.

Every time we showed up, won the vote or stopped the bill, they changed the rules or flat out cheated and did it anyway. Several of the grassroots groups leading the fight even caught US Congressman Morgan McGarvey aiding and abetting them.

They’re doing it again. They couldn’t pass this law using traditional democratic processes, so they are changing the constitution. Essentially changing the laws so they can commit these harmful and unwanted behaviors legally and in broad daylight.


Dark money interests siphon more money away from our public schools toward PROVEN waste, fraud, abuse and scandalous charter schools, and private schools that are exempt from discrimination, don’t have to abide by open records or meet the same standards, who care more about return on investment for shareholders than taxpayers, and more about incomes for their CEOs than outcomes for their students.