The Decision-Making Council for the Education Committee for the Coalition for the People’s Agenda is an ad-hoc subcommittee of the Coalition that consists of community leaders representing a racially diverse group of marginalized, LGBTQ+, disabled, poor grassroots voices and their allies and accomplices, with an emphasis on transparency and accountability in public education in Louisville, Kentucky. The DMC members are asked to vote in the event the Coalition cannot come up with a consensus on endorsements, policies, spending decisions and other impasses that prevent movement work from moving forward.

The newly approved 2024 members are:

Not shown:

Chris Adelmann, Mechanical Engineer, Father of JCPS graduate, “Retired” from GE Appliances after 10 years, Chairman of PAC.

Tori Bacon, JCPS Student Voice, Central Law Program, Justice Fest presenter, and challenger of the status quo.

Chaunda Lee, Black Lives Matter activist, mother of several JCPS students and graduates, chef and provider of meals for the community, Breewayy, Livestreamer, Courtwatcher, public speaker, and all around voice for the voiceless.

Keoni Smalls, JCPS Student Voice, advocate and warrior for the people, especially JCPS students.

Chris Thieneman, “Support the Libraries, Not the Tax” Chair (2007), Candidate for Louisville Mayor (2018), Community Organizer and Activist for Affordable Housing and LMPD Accountability. Warned against dirty cop Hankison before Breonna Taylor was murdered, and has been targeted, harassed and retaliated against for doing so.

Anonymous Black Teacher, representing the hundreds who have contacted us but fear retaliation and retribution for speaking out against the racist and corrupt system.

*Candidates currently running for office are disqualified from serving during their campaign, due to campaign finance laws.