“Primary Focus”

2024 Louisville Metro Council May 21 Primaries

We now turn our attention to Louisville’s Metro Council race. It’s not the November election that matters, it’s the Primary this May! Mark your calendars for May 21, 2024 and make sure everyone you know gets out and votes. 

Like other races, Jefferson county’s metro council districts have become so gerrymandered that whoever wins the primaries for the few Democratic districts we have left left, will win the seat, often unopposed, in the November election. That’s why this race is critical, and we don’t want to waste a moment in raising awareness. And in order to raise awareness, we have to raise funds.

Before you read any further, please be thinking about how you can best support these candidates. They don’t have the same deep pockets and veiled threats, as their dark-money sponsored, deep-seated, corrupted, incumbents. Maybe you could buy a supportive, conversation starter, tshirt to wear to the next public forum, family reunion or church gathering. Maybe you could make calls or donate your time or services to our PAC’s Chief Organizer, Jeff Compton. If none of the above float your boat, you could always make a donation. To make it easy, we’re going to drop the button right here:

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about this year’s PAC PICS, thus far. Our bets are on these two favored candidates, who have grown up in the struggle with us. You probably saw them livestreaming with us down at the loud and proud St. Patrick’s Day parade. They also held down the red carpet at the Charles Booker rally, bringing the who’se who into your living rooms. Not to mention the many programs they continuously put on for their community in and around the Newburg area. These two phenomenal women have had our endorsement from the word go, because it is from within our shared work that they have emerged. We all share the vision and value of liberation and justice, for the children, by any and all means necessary!

Latosha Harrison, District 2

Latasha (as she is listed on Facebook) has served on our Decision Making Council since its founding. As a candidate in the upcoming election, per our PAC bylaws, she is invited to serve as an advisory member of the council, but she is not allowed to vote. 

Latasha also fought along side other parents when we ran to unseat status quo, white supremacist, PTA leaders. We did the same at the state PTA level. Of course, we did not win, because how can you when those in power control all of the communication channels, supress voters, tamper with elections and still, ultimately, decide the results. They don’t have to win. They just have to put on a convincing show. Have you ever been recruited to participate in one of their schemes? Let’s talk.

She was also with us when we organized to support a tax increase for public education by launching a pro-public education pledge, only to be met with hostility and aggression by white supremacists holding the teachers union hostage. Latasha did not have to seek our endorsement, she is one of us, it’s a given. Be sure to tell everyone you know that it’s time for change in District 2. 

Out with the old and in with the new. 
Latosha Harrison cares about you.

Dennisha Rivers, District 4

Dennisha is another familiar face around the primarily West and Downtown areas of Louisville, although you may not know her name, as she goes by an alias on Facebook. In addition to the above, Dennisha is always livestreaming from local meetings and making sure her followers are aware of the opportunities to weigh in and hold those elected accountable. She has spoken to crowds at events that we have hosted in Frankfort, and she has ministered and provide healing and compassion to many in her community.

Vote for Dennisha Rivers for Metro Council District 4.

We are still making our way down the endorsement list, but these two women are simply non-negotiable. And in case you meant to make a donation but haven’t yet, or you wanted to know more about how your money was being spent, hopefully this answers your questions. We are consensus-driven, ground up coalition building, hands-on organizers, but on the rare occasion we cannot agree on strategy or spending decisions, we employ the wisdom of our Decision Making Council. Our bylaws dictate these rules, and we are always looking for new members. Sign up for emails and you will be notified when the next window of opportunity opens.


Next up, we see a couple of races that we know are going to be key. Let’s get the conversation started with the men who come to the fore:

Neal Robertson, District 14

We also see long-time friend of Chris Thieneman, Neal Robertson, challenging their status-quo nemesis FOWLer in District 14. We like that matchup. Chris has also served on our Decision Making Council since its founding, has run for Louisville Mayor on the Independent ticket, and is currently chasing Jefferson County Attorney Mike O’Connell around in the most peculiar game of untouchable cat and mouse anyone has ever witnessed. That is one slippery dude who somehow manages to stay in power and keep all of the slave-catchers and their closeted deviant masters secrets covered up. Let’s get people elected who can and will peel the onion. Neal is that guy, and I’m pretty sure the DMC will agree with that.

Robert Zoeller, District 22

Because no one, absolutely no one, is worse than Kevin Bratcher and his latest attempts to divide our district and take away taxpayer’s representative voice once and for all, on behalf of Mitch McConnell and the cult.

About Our Endorsements

As a PAC that is governed by KY Campaign Finance Laws, we are very careful not to “coordinate” with candidates once they file for a regulated office. We often endorse former team members, but all marketing, strategy, and financial decisions are those of the PAC board, and not the campaign or the candidate. 

Sometimes, candidates don’t want our endorsement, believe it or not, but we say what we feel, and we feel these candidates are the best candidates, regardless of any council member’s current or past relationship with us, good or bad. 

Send us your recommendations and rationales, or if you are a candidate seeking endorsement and complimentary marketing and campaign strategy consulting, email moderator@thepeoplesagenda.net. If you would like a quote for printing, a no-risk fundraiser, tshirts, please email moderator@dearjcps.com. Thank you!