2024 JCTA Executive Officer Elections

Are you a candidate, looking to get your message out? Would you be interested in an endorsement from the PAC? Perhaps a donation to your campaign? Please contact us at moderator@thepeoplesagenda.net. You can also learn more about the candidates at our teacher-leader advised and supported organization’s page, It’s Our Time, JCTA.

Our grassroots coalition’s most urgent campaign right now involves restoring rank-and-file power, transparency and democratic processes to the teachers union in the largest school district in Kentucky.

Elections begin on January 31, and end on February 7, 2024.

The entrenched administration of the current JCPS teachers’ union has been reluctant to give up power for over two decades. And during that time, outlooks for public schools in Jefferson County, and across the state and nation, have declined.

Unlike the hand-picked successor choice of the outgoing “president for life,” the candidate we endorse for the 2024 Presidency is a full-time classroom teacher, working with students with special needs in Louisville’s West End. As such, she doesn’t have the same built-in flexibility in her schedule that allows her to spend her days soliciting donations, sending out campaign materials, asking people for their vote, so we are asking for everyone’s help to get the message out.

Visit the team’s campaign website at www.TeamKenyata.com to make a donation, order swag, sign the pledge and take the poll. Sign up for emails that will invite you to access exclusive content, such as excerpts from our recent interview with Steve Neal, former Executive Director for JCTA. Learn the history of JCTA before and after the regime change. And make a donation to help us make our message go farther, since we also don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars and deep pockets like the dark-money SuperPACs run by the current regime. Learn why rank-and-file JCPS teachers say, It’s Our Time, JCTA!

JCPS Teachers deserve a Political Action Committee that:

  • Solicits their opinions and feedback
  • Voices their opinions, solutions and real-life experiences to lawmakers, the media and district leaders
  • Researches best practices and similar districts’ experiences in order to defend its members experienced opinions and propose workable solutions
  • Strongly defends its members’ positions that are fact-based, thoroughly researched, and democratically achieved
  • Screens and endorses political candidates that support their members’ opinions and proven, best practices, not greedy outside agendas
  • Doesn’t gaslight its members by acting like they didn’t enable people like Jason Nemes and Julie Raque Adams to rise in power, while working behind the scenes to get them reelected, simultaneously destroying pensions, weakening SBDMs, and helping them usher in charters, vouchers, district breakups and takeovers.

If you’re a JCTA Member, it won’t cost you a dime!*

Did you even know you had an option? Your dues are already paying for it, but to a PAC that continues to endorse traitors to their endorsers, such as Jason Nemes and Julie Raque Adams. Their president for life throws his dark money around so loosely, he can kill bi-partisan bills and take down people’s careers, if for no other reason than to show his deviant performative infiltrators and bad actors how powerful he is. He’s not up for re-election, thank God, but his hand-picked stepford wife successor is.

*That’s right, you can cancel the portion of your dues money that goes to BSK and send it to Justice for the People, instead. Ask your PR how, today, and go ahead and sign up for monthly payments while you’re here and we’ll even send you a thank you gift.

Why should we donate to the Justice for the People PAC?

Our PAC is grassroots led. We endorse teacher leader candidates for JCTA, such as Kenyata Dean-Bacon, and April Back-Stevens, who authentically support public education and challenge the status quo. We also endorse Black women and men, and outspoken anti-racist, pro-DEI and LGBTQIA people of all walks of humanity, currently needing our FOCUS in the Metro Council Primary race this May.

May 21, 2024, to be exact!

We have endorsed pro public education candidates for House and Senate, when JCTA’s whyte PAC leadership was too cowardly, or too self-serving, to do so. We endorsed Sarah Stalker against the establishment’s elaborate wardrobe of Jonathan Lowe, and she WON! We endorsed Kate Turner, who was clearly the right candidate to replace Jason Nemes, but JCTA’s PAC, which has been dominated by heavy handed leadership, resulting in controversy for endorsing Nemes, doubled down on greedy, disrespectful, pro charter candidates, despite ongoing members’ objections. We offer an alternative to Kentucky’s good-old boy PACs that pull the wool over their members’ eyes, continuously falling for gimmicks from “bad actors” in Frankfort who say one thing and do another to appease their dark-money donors.

For more information, visit www.AllEyesOnKentucky.org.