Thus Far…

10/18/20 – PRESS RELEASE: Vote Yes!

10/16/20 – Decision-Making Council Formal Formation Meeting


9/23/20 – Coalition for the People’s Agenda Education Committee Meets with Dr. Pollio

In attendance: Dr. Marty Pollio (JCPS Superintendent), Latasha Harrison (President & Founder Louisville PTO, JCPS Parent), De’Nita Wright, Ivonne Rovira (JCPS Leads, Je’Coyia (Southern HS teacher/BSU), Annabell Majors (Manual Red-Eye reporter), Kenyata Dean-Bacon, Kimberly Johnson (JCPS Teacher, Parent), Greg Tichenor (JCPS teachers), Heather Profitt (Parent, Education Specialist, Advocate, Community Learning Hub), Leo Tobbe (Manual freshman, Scholastic Magazine Reporter), Gay Adelmann (Dear JCPS, Save Our Schools KY, KY Alliance Board member, Shawnee parent), Amanda Rhye (parent).


9/14/20 – Special Meeting

9/8/20 – Kentucky Alliance Education Committee Meeting #5

In attendance: Latasha Harrison, Chris Harmer, Tyra Walker, Tia Edison, Greg Tichenor, Matt Kaufmann, Michelle Pennix, Ivonne Rovira, Dorothy Foster, Gay Adelmann, KA Owens, Ike Thacker, and Rebecca Harmon.

Because there was a snag getting the Kentucky Alliance board to trust moving forward with a 501c4 at their last meeting, we voted at this committee meeting to vote on a slate of officers made up of Kentucky Alliance Board members, Black if possible, so the control remained with the same body.

Without the 501c4, we cannot lobby school board members, encourage others to lobby school board members, nor come out with a position on the tax increase, so our coalition would be pointless. It’s a tool the colonizers use, and you never want to go into battle without the same or better weaponry than your opponent.

Our first town hall is Monday, so we need to file before then.


8/31/20 – Kentucky Alliance Education Committee Meeting #4

In attendance: Greg Tichenor, Tyra Walker, Gay Adelmann, (KY Alliance Board Members), De’Nita Wright, Corrie Shull (JCPS Board Member), Ivonne Rovira, Lisa Willner, Julie Raque Adams, Janice, KA Owens


8/24/20 – Kentucky Alliance Education Committee Meeting #3

In attendance: Greg Tichenor, Tyra Walker, Gay Adelmann, (KY Alliance Board Members), Dr. Kimberly Mucker-Johnson, De’Nita Wright, Jon Hardy (attorney), Joe Marshall (JCPS Board Member), Michelle Pennix, Nicole Finley, Donovan Taylor, Ed Fossett, Janice, Carla Robinson (PTA), Bobbi Jo Hays-Kingery (PTA), Ivonne Rovira, Ivan (BLM)


The Education Committee agreed to recommend the Kentucky Alliance Board start a 501(c)4 for the Coalition for the People’s Agenda. Jon Hardy will come to the next monthly meeting to answer questions.

8/17/20 – Kentucky Alliance Education Committee Meeting #2

In attendance, Kenyata Dean-Baker, Kimberly Mucker-Johnson, Tia Edison, Tyra Walker, Greg Tichenor, Michelle Pennix, Latasha Harrison, De’Nita Wright, Dre Dawson, Gin Spaulding, Gay Adelmann.


The group narrowed its focus on the most immediate, yet comprehensive demands. This remains a working document.

8/10/20 – KY Alliance Education Committee Meeting #1

In attendance:

Tyra Walker, Tia Edison, Pam Sheehan, Kenyatta Dean-Bacon, Ryan Davis, Kimberly Mucker-Johnson, Ivonne Rovira, Latasha Harrison, Morgan Fisher, Gay Adelmann, Greg Tichenor, Leigh Ann Yost, De’Nita Wright, Sarah McIntosh and Ashley from Spectrum News.

The committee agreed to put forth a motion to present to the Kentucky Alliance Board to revise the Education Component of the People’s Agenda.

Slides KY Alliance ED Committee Meeting #1

8/6/20 – JCPS Student Assignment Plan Coalition Meeting

In attendance:

Kenyata Dean-Baker, JCPS Teacher, JCPS Parent
Morgan Fisher, JCPS ECE Resource Teacher, JCPS Graduate and Parent
Dr. Kimberly Mucker-Johnson, JCPS Educator
Greg Tichenor, JCPS ECE Teacher, Waller Williams, KY Alliance Board Member, Member of AROS, LSURJ, KFTC and CLOUT
Cherie Dawson-Edwards, U of L Professor, Criminal Justice, JCPS Parent, SBDM and Racial Equity Member
Ivonne Rovira, JCPS Teacher, Parent, KEU Co-founder
Gay Adelmann, JCPS Taxpayer, Co-founder Dear JCPS and Save Our Schools KY, Board Member of KY Alliance


Prior to August 2020 (Coming Soon)