August 24 – Coalition for the People’s Agenda is Formed

The Coalition for The People’s Agenda is a group of several dozen grassroots and progressive organizations and individuals. We came together because we recognized that by working together we can have a positive impact with the new merged government. We sought suggestions from as many diverse groups as possible and selected key issues on which we would initially focus. Organizers contacted many groups by mail, phone, and in person. More than 50 organizations responded, suggesting more than 150 issues. These were grouped into eight major issue areas.

An historic Conference for A Peoples Agenda on August 24, 2002 at Quinn Chapel AME Church convened  more than 100 individuals from over 50 organizations who worked together and developed The People’s Agenda. Since then the Coalition has continued to work on refining the document and making plans for its implementation.

The full first draft of the Peoples Agenda Document including all 150 + issues can be viewed at http://peoplesagenda.org/PeoplesAgendaDraft1.0.htm This should be read as a DRAFT, a living document which continues to be developed.

Since then many individuals and organizations have become endorsers of the Peoples Agenda.

Nov. – Voters vote to merge city and county government, effective Jan. 1, 2003.


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